The Fit Roulette logo.

In June 2015, my friend Luke suggested that we attend a fitness bootcamp in Ibiza. I told him it was a terrible idea: it would be expensive and we’d be too hot to exercise much. Most importantly though, we could attend lots of interesting fitness classes here in London.

This is how I came up with Fit Roulette. The idea is that Luke and I review fitness classes around London. We can work on our fitness in a way that keeps it interesting, and I get an outlet for my need to satirise things.

The name is a play on Russian roulette. We go to the classes with no idea how good they’re going to be or how hard they’re going to be, so it’s a bit of a risk. Every review comes with a rating of bullets out of six, to represent the six chambers in a revolver. Six bullets means the class is exhausting or very difficult and no bullets means that it’s very easy. We also have stars out of six for how good we thought it was in general.

I had fun coming up with the concept, but there are also a lot of work that went into creating the website. As I did with this website, I created my own WordPress template to give me the layout I wanted.

I also did quite a bit of artwork. The main thing is the logo, which you can see at the top of this post. The faces and the gun were both made using Adobe Illustrator. For all three, I started out with photos and created layers of vectors over the top of them.

The most important thing is the writing. I was a big fan of Are You Dave Gorman? when I was growing up. I particularly liked the way the two authors (Dave Gorman and Danny Wallace) told the story together, taking it in turns to contribute, each with their own font. So I copied them.

Not every class we go to is funny, but I do my best to find an angle. Sometimes, though, I have to accept that a class is good or bad, but not at all amusing.

You can see the website for yourself at